Bloody Kisses 2LP
Bloody Kisses 2LP Bloody Kisses 2LP Bloody Kisses 2LP


Bloody Kisses 2LP

Label: Roadrunner / Music On Vinyl

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: USA
Style: impetuous emotional gothic doom metal

like an effectively detonated bomb, this timeless classic has exploded as one of the most alluringly weird albums in the history of highly emotional and artistic gothic doom rock/metal genre [1993], spreading a plethora of cinematic visions; an hour long ode to break ups and suicide mixes acoustic guitars and synthesizers with metallic power chords and lush choral harmonies, with Peter Steele spitting stories of sex, death and Jesus, and sounding like he died sometime before the recording process has began!; recent deluxe limited and machine-numbered gatefold sleeve double silver 180g vinyl edition for audiophiles comes with pro-printed full-size eight page booklet and extra cardboard insert with cover artwork, copy #6409/6666