Clouds CD
Clouds CD Clouds CD Clouds CD


Clouds CD

Artist: TIAMAT
Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: fundamental menacing atmospheric doom metal

anxiously awaited 20th anniversary re-issue of one of the most important atmospheric doom metal albums ever created within the realms of this majestic genre - massively evolving in their early years, Tiamat have managed to write their fundamental record with third full-length [1992] - a fulcrum to measure the rest; combining simple and direct structures with genuine emotional background within effective thunderous menacing context, fully using all instruments as well as vocal abilities of Edlund, the Swedes have achieved an effect of long term impact of music; limited re-issue comes on black polycarbonate disk with a death certificate, remastered sound, updated artwork, five track The Sleeping Beauty: Live in Israel mini album [1994], and The Sleeping Beauty video as bonus