Insurgentes CD+DVD Insurgentes CD+DVD Insurgentes CD+DVD


Insurgentes CD+DVD

Label: Kscope
Price: 17€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: cinematic epic psychedelic progressive rock

anxiously awaited first full-length solo opus by British musician extraordinaire, previously known as the frontman of psychedelic progressive rock group Porcupine Tree, is an amazing expansion of the latter - the intricate, therapeutic and experimental at the same time; you would obviously expect from Steven this kind of combination, yet at times drone, ambient and even shoegaze twists make an eye-brow raise, bringing the music to a new level of sublimity; Gavin Harrison [ex.Porcupine Tree] back him up on drums, and recording also features such notorious musicians as Tony Levin and Jordan Rudess; super jewel box edition comes with extra audio DVD with 5.1 mix of the album