On Fire LP+CD
On Fire LP+CD On Fire LP+CD


On Fire LP+CD

Label: Music For Nations / Sony
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: powerful mesmerizing stoner metal rock

retro-refreshing fifth album [2002] by criminally overlooked Scandinavian stoner rockers introduces non other but Janne JB Christoffersson [Grand Magus] at frontman position, delivering instantly memorable choruses, showing the audiences yet one more angle of their groove hollering rock'n'roll sound, performed in real heavy and loud way, massively backed up by guitar wizardry of Michael Amott [Arch Enemy] abound, not to forget the top-notch rhythm team of bass player Sharlee D'Angelo [Mercyful Fate] and drummer Ludwig Witt [Shining] as well, as a whole team still able to catch that psychedelic smell in the air; first time ever - European blue 180g vinyl edition that comes with a remastered sound, Amott's liner notes and CD version as bonus, including Burden of Dreams extra track