In Times of Solitude 2LP
In Times of Solitude 2LP In Times of Solitude 2LP


In Times of Solitude 2LP

Label: Massacre / Back On Black
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: USA
Style: epic dynamic doom heavy metal

Arlington, Texas based Solitude started in 1987, and in January 1988 they have recorded five bombastic tracks for And Justice for All... demo at Sound Logic Studios, featuring early line-up with vocalist Kris Gabehart, guitarist Tom Martinez and drummer Brad Kane - nonetheless direction of music was clear from the very start: traditional epic doom heavy metal, being slightly more rougher at edges, but already strong on its own; only few songs were later re-recorded for debut album, so this re-issue is a nice present for this timeless band's followers; recent British gatefold sleeve double white vinyl edition comes with four rare live and rehearsal tunes as bonuses, some of them already featuring Robert Lowe and Lyle Steadham