Cognitive CD DIGI
Cognitive CD DIGI Cognitive CD DIGI Cognitive CD DIGI


Cognitive CD DIGI

Artist: SOEN
Label: Spinefarm

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: emotional intricate progressive metal rock

thanks to a kult line-up, featuring both ex.Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and genius bass player Steve Digiorgio [Sadus, Death], as well as guitarist of Lithuanian origin Joakim Platbarzdis, progressive metal/rock crew has secured a legend in the pocket yet before taking their instruments into hands; still the first recording has turned out in quite effective way - music might be named as a calmer version of Leprous and Opeth, mesmerizing with complex yet cohesive delivery and therapeutic effect of vocalist Joel Ekelöf; some do not even consider it metal, but there is a decent amount of heaviness nonetheless