Persecution Mania CD
Persecution Mania CD Persecution Mania CD Persecution Mania CD


Persecution Mania CD

Artist: SODOM
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Release Year: 2000
Artist Origin: GER
Style: menacing aggressive intense thrash metal

menacing and evil 1987's longplay masterpiece is an intermedium between spontaneous, blackened, savage early years and intense Teutonic thrash metal era that followed later; music is far better structured, yet nonetheless maintaining a grim, apocalyptic atmosphere - it is no coincidence that part of die-hard fanbase consider this album the most significant in entire Sodom discography with classic Blackfire-Witchhunter-Angelripper line-up; it is a mandatory listening experience for all admirers of the great eighties' sound!; recent German edition comes with a re-recorded Outbreak of Evil song and three track Expurse of Sodomy EP [1987] as bonus