Semigalls' Warchant CD
Semigalls' Warchant CD Semigalls' Warchant CD Semigalls' Warchant CD


Semigalls' Warchant CD

Label: Folter

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: LAT
Style: relentless folklore pagan/black metal

the one and only demo tape of kult Latvian supergroup [1997], bearing a kult status in heathen metal milieu, marking their relentless harsh pagan/black metal beginnings, for the first time is released on CD: fast, intense, freezing and uncompromising bludgeon is altered by songs like Sen Dzirdēju, Nu Ieraugu, showing a significant folklore influence from their very start too - it still remains one of the most popular traditional tracks they perform live; it comes with four absolutely new songs in form of a concept Asinslauks mini album: Skyforger music has become even richer with various influences, yet tighter than ever before!