Loreia LP
Loreia LP Loreia LP Loreia LP


Loreia LP

Label: Napalm / Unborn

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: grim harmonious atmospheric black metal

vampyric concept in extreme metal milieu was common back in late nineties, and on this debut [1997] of Swedish four-piece it makes an intriguing combination with grim and cohesive black metal platform, standing out by both the piercing harmonies and mysterious atmosphere; damn thrilling female vocal contribution with a folklore taste by Lovisa Hallstedt is also noteworthy - it has turned into an important accent of otherwise genre-classic album, while traditional Scandinavian strokes in guitar melodies are obvious as well; first time on wax - limitedand hand-numbered black vinyl edition with a pro-printed inner sleeve, copy #238/500