Beneath The Remains CD
Beneath The Remains CD Beneath The Remains CD Beneath The Remains CD


Beneath The Remains CD

Label: Roadrunner
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1997
Artist Origin: BRA
Style: vicious crushing death thrash metal

if two first full-length records by Brazilian supergroup were overwhelming in their extreme delivery and own southern approach, then this third opus [1989] has turned out into a death/thrash metal diamond, breaking up the skullcaps of fanatic metalheads all over the world: one killer riff after another were backed up by savage straightforward rhythmic section and as enthusiastic vocal delivery, giving birth to nine purely classic tracks of extreme metal to be glorified for ages!; recent European edition comes with a remastered sound, vintage photo collection and liner notes by Don Kaye in the booklet, as well as three bonuses, including Os Mutantes A Hora E A Vez Do Cabelo Nascer cover