Letters from The Edge CD DIGI
Letters from The Edge CD DIGI Letters from The Edge CD DIGI


Letters from The Edge CD DIGI

Label: Hammerheart
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: HUN
Style: epic dynamic atmospheric black metal

the shoes of previous longplay were really big to fill in, so it has taken Hungarian ensemble six whole years to finally make sure their new songs stand the test of quality and what is even more important - stick to the bands legacy of atmospheric, epic music, leaving the frames of conventional black metal on quite a few episodes, regardless of overall ferocious approach; at the same time it is not a plain replica of earlier Sear Bliss recordings, since there is always room for exploration when a free compositional flow is concerned, moving a step closer to recent dwellings of Enslaved perhaps, in a good way; Dutch first press digipak edition