Fimbulwinter PLP
Fimbulwinter PLP Fimbulwinter PLP Fimbulwinter PLP


Fimbulwinter PLP

Label: Werewolf / Hells Headbangers

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: intense savage ferocious black metal

the latest full-length [2014] so far by Werwolf was written and recorded right after controversial Armour story has shaken the die-hard cohorts of infernal devotees: it is no surprise that Lauri Penttilä has been careful with new compositions in order to preserve SW trademark while running for a more focused sound and updated production - it works hand in hand to strengthen the fundamental qualities of ferocious music and to intensify the freezing atmosphere, which is nothing but trademark for this respectable entity; exclusive picture disc edition comes with die-cut outer sleeve and pro-printed insert, US import