Vorunah CD
Vorunah CD Vorunah CD Vorunah CD


Vorunah CD

Artist: SARKE
Label: Indie
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: dark haunting aggressive black metal

the story behind this newborn project in Oslo black metal scene has more pages than one might think: Khold and Tulus drummer has started it in order to hail his long-time inspirations, while a long time buddy Ted Skjellum, better known as Nocturno Culto [Darkthrone] has added another grim dimension with his charismatic vocals to spread bitter and blackened art through; debut longplay is a mesmerizing journey through dark and soothing soundscapes, inspired by classic, thrash and black metal bands of the past, with sinister, brutal and up to date vibe; limited Norwegian slipcase edition