Delusions of Grandeur LP
Delusions of Grandeur LP Delusions of Grandeur LP


Delusions of Grandeur LP

Artist: SAHG
Label: Indie / Alone

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: vibrant stoner doom heavy metal

self-titled trilogy is over, so loud and proud Norwegian stoner doom heroes present a conceptual album [2013] based on the timeless curiosity of delusive disorders; it is a psychedelic downward adventure about a man who slowly loses grasp of everything he has learned and experienced throughout his life, supported by quite upbeat, hypnotizing and rather groovy jams, packed with catchy riffs, wickedly addictive drum patterns and sing-along choruses, also turning back time and slowing down the horses every now and then; recent Spanish gatefold sleeve clear vinyl edition is limited only to 100 units