Out For Blood 2CD
Out For Blood 2CD Out For Blood 2CD Out For Blood 2CD


Out For Blood 2CD

Artist: SADUS
Label: Mascot
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate angry technical thrash metal

regardless of appearing to the public quite randomly, legendary Californian technical thrash metal three piece has finally returned with the fifth and hopefully not the last mission of vengeance - as it was expected, these seasoned musicians who have proven their worth more than once, do not compete for the speed record anymore, but aim to extend their angst-ridden and aggressive music with a modern, experimental edge behind the tight barking dog's foundation, where kult bass player Steve DiGiorgio is not the only one deserving a mention, but also his longtime buddies Darren Travis [vocals, guitars] and Jon Allen [battery]; authentic Dutch limited edition comes with additional three track disk, featuring the re-recorded Black March, as well as Iron Maiden and Dark Angel covers, plus bonus behind the scenes and making of enhanced videos