Chemical Exposure CD Chemical Exposure CD


Chemical Exposure CD

Artist: SADUS
Label: Roadrunner / Metal Mind / CD-Maximum

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate hyperfast technical thrash metal

often mistaken to be the second Sadus album, this is actually their first, released independently by the band back in 1988 under the title of Illusions - ultimately accomplished intense thrash metal disk, balancing on a knife's edge between unfailingly frantic, break-neck speed with awesome technical abilities, plus a slew of escalating songwriting and performance complexities that were quite beyond limits of early thrash genre, while Darren Travis' screaming and spitting vocal style is not comparable to anyone else's; Russian license edition comes with a remastered sound, liner notes and two Death To Posers demo [1986] bonuses - Desolator and Torture