A Vision of Misery CD
A Vision of Misery CD


A Vision of Misery CD

Artist: SADUS
Label: Roadrunner / Metal Mind / CD-Maximum

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate technical thrash death metal

after two fine albums straddling the stylistic transition between thrash and death metal, Sadus partly sacrifice [1992] the key thrashing component and epitomize technical death structures with more mid-paced tempos, repetitive riffs, musical variety, and denser guitar sound - not exactly measuring up to genre standard-bearers, but rather sticking in league with classic Dark Angel albums, while Steve DiGiorgio's bass licks and impossible tricks are simply mind-boggling!; license Russian edition comes with a remastered sound, liner notes and two Certain Death demo [1987] bonuses - Hands of Fate and Number One