Dark Dead Earth 2CD
Dark Dead Earth 2CD Dark Dead Earth 2CD Dark Dead Earth 2CD


Dark Dead Earth 2CD

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: obscure menacing death doom metal

first three albums by obscure Swedish entity were released by prestigious German label: now The Supreme Force of Eternity [1998], Enter The Realm of Death [1999] and Resurrection In Blood [2000] are offered again for die-hard admirers of their ambitious sound, collected together and re-issued as a double album on black CDs with a remastered sound and new layout; sound picture of highly productive team has arguably drifted in a span of two years from rather dynamic and intense death metal up to quite mournful, roaring doom with dark menacing atmosphere - no wonder that Runemagick are often referred as important inspiration source