Thy Mighty Contract LP
Thy Mighty Contract LP Thy Mighty Contract LP Thy Mighty Contract LP


Thy Mighty Contract LP

Label: Century Media / Peaceville
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: dark morbid occult black metal

early nineties' Norway has been the boiling cauldron for second wave of black metal movement, yet on the other corner of the continent, in Greece, they had no weaker manifestations rising: the legendary full-length debut [1993] by Tolis' brothers along Jim Patsouris and George Zacharopoulos in line-up pretty much summarizes these years of early burgeoning scene; their morbid occult black metal was special and different, since Hellenic ensemble forged it in an own way, incorporating gloomy harmonies and dreadful keyboards into their extreme sound picture; recent British black 180g vinyl edition comes with authentic design and additional full-size eight page booklet, featuring vintage photo collection and extensive liner notes by Sakis Tolis, taken from interview with Dayal Patterson