Embryonic Anomaly LP
Embryonic Anomaly LP Embryonic Anomaly LP Embryonic Anomaly LP


Embryonic Anomaly LP

Label: Unique Leader

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: USA
Style: insane technical death core metal

three Bay Area studs have started to spin the Saturn Rings back in 2009 with unpredictable acceleration, and one year later this mind-bending debut [2010] was ready, taking the listener beyond the perception mark, fully justifying the tag of space or alien metal tied up to them: precisely detailed technical twists lift up the progressive scope of Cynic to the XXII century level, disturbing the imagination with pummeling rhythmics, low and numb vocals, yet first of all - sick, disbalancing, schizophrenic solos; if you still think this is a joke, there is not much time left to change the mind - orange comet vinyl pressing comes with digital download card, US import