Sermon of Mockery CD DIGI
Sermon of Mockery CD DIGI Sermon of Mockery CD DIGI


Sermon of Mockery CD DIGI

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: heavy intricate extreme death metal

debut album [1993] by New York five-piece is inseparable from brutal, tough, devastating and over the top technical death metal bible: regardless that some of the fundamental bands like Immolation or Suffocation have put their masterpieces few years prior to this, Pyrexia have counterattacked with yet unheard intensity, awe-inspiring complexity and enviable precision, purifying the model of uncompromising brutal American death metal school characterized by deep grunting, intricate rhythmics and massive guitar attack; recent limited three panel digipak edition comes with vintage photo collection and booklet design upgraded with new elements, as well as additional four Liturgy of Impurity demo [1992] and three Hatredangeranddisgust EP [1995] tracks as bonus