Deadwing CD DIGI
Deadwing CD DIGI Deadwing CD DIGI Deadwing CD DIGI


Deadwing CD DIGI

Label: KScope

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: epic cinematic psychedelic progressive rock

with all due respect to the entire discography of exceptional British entity, this nine track masterpiece [2005] is an absolute magnum opus of their impressive career, a poetic monument of highly textured, modern, epic, psychedelic and progressive rock band with spiritual guidance included: these compositions are so sonically descriptive that it is literally visual - mind you, composing process was actually inspired by a film script, written by the mastermind Steven Wilson; the intricate Lazarus, tight Shallow, dynamic Open Car, and culminating Arriving Somewhere But Not Here bring close to ecstasy, while cameo guest appearances include Adrian Belew [King Crimson] on guitars and Mikael Åkerfeldt [Opeth] on vocals