Medusa LP
Medusa LP Medusa LP Medusa LP


Medusa LP

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: grim monumental doom death metal

quite unexpectedly for many, climbing upon a gloomy gothic doom metal mount again, it seems that Paradise Lost enjoy it and purposefully move on their journey within the depths of dark subconscious: surprise is that this conceptual longplay is harder to get into due to slow crushing negativity and mad-driving pressure - this way musicians seemingly want to prove they create not for the sake of sales, but in order to express and self-realize themselves; melody and atmosphere are pushed aside yet sometimes get the chances, definitely adding to diversity of this rumbling experience, but acts just an extra in a theater of shadows; strictly limited gatefold sleeve black 180g vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric insert