Blackwater Park CD
Blackwater Park CD Blackwater Park CD Blackwater Park CD


Blackwater Park CD

Artist: OPETH
Label: Music For Nations / Sony
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: mystical dreamy progressive death metal

the hour of fame for Opeth has come with this one, a masterpiece of progressive metal [2001]: epic catchy sonicscapes, vivid imagery, beautiful poetry, and solid blast of metal with yet improved and diverse vocal delivery by Mikael are literally essential; it is also a transitional album, leaning heavily towards mid-seventies progressive rock - remarkably fresh, convincing, revolutionary, classic and original, these are just a few of the accolades this opus has received; it was produced by Steven Wilson [Porcupine Tree], the highlight song here: The Drapery Falls