The Gospel CD
The Gospel CD The Gospel CD The Gospel CD


The Gospel CD

Artist: OPERA IX
Label: Dusktone
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: profound enigmatic occult black metal

the grand return of Italian kult is a concept album focused on "Aradia and The Gospel of The Witches" pagan myth, written by Charles Godfrey Leland, a religious text of witches' group in Tuscany, documenting their beliefs and rituals - sounds like a perfect topic for dark, mystical and occult trademark Opera IX has always been known for, and the atmosphere on these nine cuts is exceptionally vibrant, bringing back the power these guys once had; album is full of intricate interplay between guitars and keyboards, surprising with plenty of unexpected turns, while voice of a new witch Dipsas Dianaria is closer to classic black metal standard