Demo 2 [Am Hünengrab] LP
Demo 2 [Am Hünengrab] LP Demo 2 [Am Hünengrab] LP Demo 2 [Am Hünengrab] LP


Demo 2 [Am Hünengrab] LP

Label: Hammerbund
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: GER
Style: dark rough atmospheric black metal

like with the first demo, Skatval goes with both re-recording and re-issue of his sophomore attempt from early recordings, initially accomplished in 2002 and released in small number of copies on tape; sound is okay but still rooted in raw underground tradition - as soon as music is mid-paced and atmospheric, it fits the vision fine; on top of that five tracks are added from a four way Gemeinschaftstonträger split [2002], revealing much more dramatic composing; limited and hand-numbered, vinyl only edition comes on marble gray wax with pro-printed inner sleeve and A2 poster, copy #279/313