IV: mAlicE LP
IV: mAlicE LP IV: mAlicE LP


IV: mAlicE LP

Label: Black Lotus / Ledo Takas
Price: 17€

Release Year: 2002
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: fundamental occult hellenic black metal

obsessed by a two-headed bass guitar demon, fundamental hellenic occult black metal pioneers return with the third full-length [2000] on offer, which sounds like a fist in the face of contemporary trends, kicking ass with yet unheard violence & twisted aggression you might ever witness from this enigmatic entity, usually lurking in the shadow; exclusive blood red vinyl edition comes with impressive artwork, fold out insert-poster and lyrics on its other side, plus bonus Omen Death Rider cover, its printrun is limited to 666 hand numbered units - the last two vinyls left!