Unearthing EP
Unearthing EP Unearthing EP Unearthing EP


Unearthing EP

Artist: MR. DEATH
Label: Agonia
Price: 6€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: intense bludgeoning merciless death metal

starting the band with track titles like Jesus Christ Fuck and Death Almighty one must be completely sure where to head to, and this is what Swedish death metal team is certain about, especially when two of five members are coming from Treblinka and early Tiamat line-ups; first demo recording [2008] was accomplished at infamous Sunlight studio in Stockholm with Tomas Skogsberg at the knobs, what is another undeniable indicator we deal here with total, bludgeoning and mercilessly down-tuned attack; black vinyl edition is limited to 500 units