Overnight Sensation LP
Overnight Sensation LP Overnight Sensation LP Overnight Sensation LP


Overnight Sensation LP

Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: tumultuous roaring heavy speed metal

this angry and heavy-weighted full-length [1996] marks the return of rebellious British celebrities to the power trio line-up that has remained in this exact order up until the last breath of iconic crew - it brims with roaring and speedy rock'n roll, where Lemmy's bass sound is massively important and responsible for the punch of these loud eleven tracks; Civil War sets up a hungry, balanced and focused vibe, and it rolls on that same direction, applying a new level of aggression to such a devilish approach, not abandoning the bluesy touch whatsoever; first black vinyl re-issue since original pressing comes with pro-printed lyric inner sleeve