Orgasmatron 2CD Orgasmatron 2CD Orgasmatron 2CD


Orgasmatron 2CD

Label: Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: thunderous roaring heavy speed metal

like a long awaited rise of a roaring thunder, here you are with a splendid return to form by the legendary Iron Man: Lemmy refuses to let the band roll over and die, assembles a whole new line-up, changes record labels, and after three year hiatus launches the mean and secure new album [1986], titled after a spicy device from the early 70-ies Woody Allen movie Sleeper - psychedelia-tinged title track has turned into an ultimate anthem of liberating rebels; extended edition comes with photo archive and Malcolm Dome's liner notes in the booklet, while second disk features three bonuses from Deaf Forever 12"MLP [1986] and eleven live cuts from Kerrang! magazine party in UK on October 13th 1984