Iron Fist 2CD DIGI
Iron Fist 2CD DIGI Iron Fist 2CD DIGI Iron Fist 2CD DIGI


Iron Fist 2CD DIGI

Label: Sanctuary / BMG

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: tumultuous roaring heavy speed metal

the last album [1982] in classic early three titan line-up has turned into quite a challenge for the loudest band in the world, since before that they have granted the rebellious audience with one of the most essential records ever; smartly plying between ear-splitting, rapid outbursts like glorious and fiery title track, and dynamic jumps in such masterpieces as [Don't need] Religion or Go To Hell, Motörhead maintain their trademark characteristics, managing to add in diversity and firmly remain in heavy metal spotlight; recent deluxe double digipak edition comes with photo archive and extensive liner notes in the booklet, Remember Me, I'm Gone bonus from single B side and entire live show from Toronto, recorded on May 12th 1982 on disc two