Bastards LP
Bastards LP Bastards LP Bastards LP


Bastards LP

Label: ZYX / Golden Core
Price: 22€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: tumultuous roaring heavy speed metal

Bastard was the first idea that Lemmy had in mind when thinking of a name for his new-formed band back in 1975 - now this is honoured by similar album [1993] title of one of the most important heavy rock n'roll bands the history has ever witnessed; high-octane aggression of Burner is one of the heaviest moments they have achieved as a band, while Born to Raise Hell is quintessential rock n'roll party anthem - the rest of ten cuts sounds like a rollercoaster ride between these extremes without being a churned out replica of any previous album; recent German black vinyl edition