Another Perfect Day 2CD Another Perfect Day 2CD Another Perfect Day 2CD


Another Perfect Day 2CD

Label: Sanctuary / BMG
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: thunderous roaring hard/heavy metal

1983 was not the easiest time for heavy rock’n’roll godfathers - they have recruited ex.Thin Lizzy guitar player Brian Robertson for a short stint, and it gave birth to darker, doomier and more personal longplay, taking its unique niche in legendary band's discography; die-hard fans of speed and intensity are still pissed at this attempt to involve more hard rock elements, but eventually massive riffs and catchy choruses must be honoured for what they are - Back at the Funny Farm and One Track Mind are the ultimate classics!; extended edition comes with photo archive and Malcolm Dome's liner notes in the booklet, single's B side piece Turn You Round Again plus the entire eighteen track live concert from Manchester Apollo venue on 10h June 1983 on disc two