Ace of Spades LP Ace of Spades LP Ace of Spades LP


Ace of Spades LP

Label: Bronze / Mercury

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: tumultuous rock'n'rollish heavy speed metal

the defining speed metal record has exploded with unparalleled fury back in 1980: sharp intense guitar riffs and straightforward rhythmics underpin monumental vocalist/bassist Lemmy, whose blooded-throat roar enhances the trio's aggression, while memorable choruses forever guarantee them an immense success; mind-numbingly basic and deafeningly loud, Motörhead exemplified hardrock's outlaw chic and eventually expanded it to the level of immortality!; recent US black vinyl pressing comes with authentic design, where title track is moved to side B, while the feast starts with The Chase Is Better than the Catch