Dances From Left LP+EP Dances From Left LP+EP Dances From Left LP+EP


Dances From Left LP+EP

Label: Svart

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: intricate dark menacing death metal

even though this Finnish entity was not the most lucky during golden Scandinavian death metal era, their only album [1993] is still considered a masterpiece of the genre: purely old school yet intricately arranged music is diverse and riff-oriented, while menacing low growl of Robert "Woryon" Arpo heavily supports quite unpredictable flow - not easy to name the sound harmonious, yet it is full of melodic moments, but still difficult to pair with Dismember or Convulse; first time on wax - gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with unpublished pictures and extra Three Way Dissection 7"EP [1991] record, when they still sounded more like early Carcass, is limited to 650 units