Heavy Metal Bulldozer 3MC BOX Heavy Metal Bulldozer 3MC BOX Heavy Metal Bulldozer 3MC BOX


Heavy Metal Bulldozer 3MC BOX

Label: Rawblackult
Price: 35€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: JPN
Style: crazy traditional heavy speed metal

no doubt one of the most dedicated to the cause projects of traditional heavy metal has taken eight years to complete a new studio album [2009], that was absolutely worth waiting for: during that time these crazy speed freaks have evolved into Transatlantic beast with two [!] separate line-ups in Japan and Germany, and delivered three different editions of the record in question, including Japanese and English sung versions, on three different labels; Bolivian Rawblackult imprint has managed to collect them all into one exclusive custom made tape package, putting each one in a separate plastic box with slipcase, all original artwork, liner notes, pro-printed inserts, and mounting it with an OBI strip - the die-hard edition is limited to 77 hand-numbered units, copy #73/77; it is ok to laugh at how plain straightforward this is, but to deny the kult is mission impossible!