Garage Inc. 2CD Garage Inc. 2CD Garage Inc. 2CD


Garage Inc. 2CD

Label: Vertigo / PolyGram
Price: 16€

Release Year: 1998
Artist Origin: USA
Style: expressive melodic heavy thrash metal

regardless of fans being separated in two camps - those accepting and denying recent material, legendary team has unleashed a double cover album, packing this way an important part of their career into one heavy-weighted package and setting forth an evolutionary perspective, as recordings span from the kult 1984's session up to the latest 1998's tracks that have much more in common with their own later albums; it is illustrated with 32 page booklet full of vintage photo material and extensive liner notes for literally each track - this is a unique edition, documenting the development of the most talked about ensemble and entire movement, also paying tribute to Cliff Burton in a meaningful way