Don't Break The Oath CD Don't Break The Oath CD Don't Break The Oath CD


Don't Break The Oath CD

Label: Roadrunner

Release Year: 1997
Artist Origin: DEN
Style: mystical satanic heavy speed metal

second and perhaps the most kult longplay [1984] by King Diamond and his satanic cohorts, when Mercyful Fate was at their creative apex: nine hymns of relentless speed/heavy metal, performed the most darkest and mysterious way ever heard on this planet, grip by the throat and never give a moment for relax!; complex guitar melodies, unbeatable haunting atmosphere and eerie mesmerizing voice make it an instant classic of the genre; recent re-issue comes with a remastered sound, Death Kiss bonus, which is an old demo version of A Dangerous Meeting, and liner notes by Don Kaye in the booklet