Merciless LP
Merciless LP Merciless LP Merciless LP


Merciless LP

Label: Black Lodge
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2002
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: relentless raging thrash death metal

nine long years of painful anticipation are over, and here you go with the reunion of legendary Scandinavian die-hard underground ensemble, marked by the fourth full-length disk: extremely thrashy and run on high speed, yet balancing on psychotic old school blackened edge, it is definitely a nod to the early works of the band, also not abandoning piercing harmonious interplays, akin to classic black/death metal era of early to mid nineties' Europe; Peter Stjärnvind [ex.Entombed, Krux, Unanimated] destroys the drum set once again; exclusive gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with pro-printed inner sleeve