For The Fallen LP For The Fallen LP For The Fallen LP


For The Fallen LP

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: menacing dynamic warlike death metal

according to legend, this brand new project by notorious veterans has come into effect quite spontaneously, as a tribute to the late Bolt Thrower drummer Martin Kearns, yet for the die-hard fans of fundamental British death metal it is a feast and exceptional opportunity to freak about first of all, as this album marks the reunion between the legendary throat of Karl Willets and playing of Andrew Whale, who was totally absent since mythic 1994 or so, with heavy-weighted addition of Benediction bass master Frank Healy and guitarist Scott Fairfax; no point to comment on menacing music - just listen to this at maximum volume!; German limited gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition