Demos. 3CD DIGI Demos. 3CD DIGI Demos. 3CD DIGI


Demos. 3CD DIGI

Label: Jihosound

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: fundamental mesmerizing occult black metal

the wettest dream of every Master's Hammer fan has finally come true: for the first time ever the entire collection of their cult demo and other pre-album material has been thoroughly collected and now presented with authentic sound from the original mastertapes, which was cleaned but not anyhow corrected with effects; many later hits like Jáma Pekel, Zapálili Jsme Onen Svět, Černá Svatozář, and Věčný Návrat are already featured in their primeval form; three disk monster has it all from the first rehearsal The Ritual Murder [1987] tape with early line-up, right through the genius Finished [1988], The Mass [1989], and The Fall Of Idol [1990] demos, along the very first gig recorded on 18th May 1989 for Live In Zbraslav tape release, and finally - the demo version of Jilemnický Okultista [1992] opus that later turned into their second longplay; exclusive luxury is reached via digipak edition with sixteen page booklet, featuring rare pictures and tape covers