La Grande Danse Macabre CD La Grande Danse Macabre CD La Grande Danse Macabre CD


La Grande Danse Macabre CD

Artist: MARDUK
Label: Blooddawn / Century Media
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: majestic ominous infernal black metal

at the dawn of new millennium iconic Swedish black metal entity has started to look for special framework where their dark arts could epitomize in a more convincing manner - that is why they have lost a bit the spontaneous creative grip, and music has turned more predictable than ever before [2001]; slower, grandiloquent passages add to the exceptional feeling of music, while breakneck speeds and furious blastbeats of intense tracks maintain the extreme qualities nonetheless; recent re-issue comes with a remastered sound, new design, liner notes and unpublished pictures in the booklet, as well as Samhain Samhain cover and three cuts off Obedience EP [2000] including Celtic Frost Into the Crypts of Rays cover