The Fine Art of Murder CD DIGI The Fine Art of Murder CD DIGI


The Fine Art of Murder CD DIGI

Label: Crash / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental crushing intense death metal

sixth full-length is another fine album [1998] of intense extreme metal, marking the comeback of core members, the charismatic singer Brett Hoffmann, riff monster Rob Barret, and drummer extraordinaire Dave Culross [ex.Suffocation] - they are to blame for a different approach, a true hit behind the head for violence and speed; stylistically it is more death/thrash than ever before, but delivered in a very sharp and powerful way, enriched by nasty schizophrenic screams; digitally remastered digipak re-issue comes on golden disc, it is limited to 2000 machine-numbered copies, copy #0371/2000