In Cold Blood CD DIGI In Cold Blood CD DIGI


In Cold Blood CD DIGI

Label: Crash / Metal Mind

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fundamental crushing intense death metal

always true to the old-school brutal ways of pure death metal annihilation, Floridian bastards add even more fast pace and intricate technique on their blistering fifth album [1997], as if delivered in one breath - meaty, bloody and juicy as hell like a violent behemoth, it is one of their best records up until this day; none other than Derek Roddy [ex.Hate Eternal] kicks the drums, turning these thirteen tracks into pure destruction, played at the speed of light, overwhelming the listener with its sheer heaviness; digitally remastered digipak re-issue comes on golden disc, it is limited to 2000 machine-numbered copies, copy #0499/2000