Catharsis CD+DVD DIGI
Catharsis CD+DVD DIGI Catharsis CD+DVD DIGI Catharsis CD+DVD DIGI


Catharsis CD+DVD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: USA
Style: progressive angry groovy heavy metal

of course it is possible to claim that MH shall blame themselves receiving an ultimate attack of haters as a response to current album of the band, which for the whimsical audience appears as a total absence of self-esteem from musicians, yet such viewpoint is far too subjective - yes changes are obvious in order to simplify the sound, to make it easier acceptable for mainstream, yes plain nu metal elements in a way remind of late nineties, yet direction of music is still very fucking loud, heavy and groovy, while vocal diversity of Robb would receive applause from the same clowns in different context; limited German digipak edition comes with extra twenty one track live DVD from a concert in San Francisco in 2015