The Apostate CD
The Apostate CD The Apostate CD The Apostate CD


The Apostate CD

Label: Listenable / CD-Maximum

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: intricate merciless twisted death metal

after a groundbreaking blast with dark and menacing debut full-length in 1994, it was not until this returning release [2003] that reconfirmed the unique intensity and punch of guitarist and vocalist Wojtek Lisicki led enigmatic entity, also featuring Michael Nicklasson [ex.Dark Tranquillity] - their style has got even more complex, twisted character, fusing multiple influences under visionary sound; five new tracks, Celtic Frost Circle of the Tyrants cover, and five songs from demo 1994 with a remastered sound as bonus complete this outstanding, and sadly the last record of unforgotten band; license Russian edition