Meditations CD+DVD DIGI
Meditations CD+DVD DIGI Meditations CD+DVD DIGI Meditations CD+DVD DIGI


Meditations CD+DVD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: catchy groovy intense death metal

quite unexpectedly splitting their devoted audience in two equal parts, Cannucks actually had no bad intentions with recent album - they just simply remind about the era when extreme death metal was gravely affected by strong, monolithic harmonies - massive recordings by Hypocrisy in early naughties come to mind first, yet Kataklysm reconstruct the subgenre in a personal, precisely catchy and groovy manner with an exceptional throat of Maurizio Iacono, colouring ten cuts with vivid, memorable touches, making this an irresistible offer; limited three panel double digipak edition comes with extra DVD, featuring 28 track Live in Munich show, where the band performs both Shadows and Dust and Serenity in Fire album material from start to finish!