Majesty and Decay LP
Majesty and Decay LP Majesty and Decay LP Majesty and Decay LP


Majesty and Decay LP

Label: Nuclear Blast / Back On Black
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: USA
Style: dark twisted technical death metal

some of the darkest and most adventurous death metal [2010] the scene has ever heard sounds on this epic dark journey, once again surpassing previous releases of notorious New Yorkers, transcending both old school obscurity and new-school novelty, but also, without a doubt, creating their strongest, best produced and most crushing album to date!; dissonant strikes, piercing sonic textures, clean interludes, bizarre timings, juxtapositions of complexity and straight-forward primitive simplicity - all is masterfully laid down in these twelve compositions, so if any band has ever gotten better with age, Immolation is the finest example of that; recent limited British gatefold sleeve white/black splattered clear vinyl edition