Rabble Mänifesto CD
Rabble Mänifesto CD Rabble Mänifesto CD Rabble Mänifesto CD


Rabble Mänifesto CD

Artist: HYPNOS
Label: Morbid
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: energetic straightforward heavy death metal

shamefully overlooked third full-length album by Central European death metal power-trio, featuring Bruno and Pegas of Krabathor fame, blasts through eleven relentless tracks; along the well known dark and sinister formula here we go with some melody and even clean singing - just for the sake of diversity, otherwise it is a sick and intense punch, also featuring Törr Firecult cover, album was engineered and mixed by legendary Harris Johns in Germany!; first press edition with bonus Drowned in Burial Mud and Cleansing Extrema videos is limited to 2000 units