Åsgårds Fall MCD
Åsgårds Fall MCD Åsgårds Fall MCD Åsgårds Fall MCD


Åsgårds Fall MCD

Label: Dark Essence / Karisma
Price: 11€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: epic monumental viking black metal

thematic mini album stretches out into 35 minutes and offers two completely new, epic, intricate, full of atmosphere tracks, to be found only on this release, creating a believable and interesting landscape to travel through, with transcendental passages of calm and enchanting design, while the video-rewarded cut Dualitet og Ulver from the forthcoming album, as well as re-recorded classic Jernskogen, originally premiered on Blod & Ild opus, additionally features guest vocal contribution by Hoest [Taake]; authentic slipcase edition